Trial session

All dogs that would like to come to stay with us here at Parsley and Pals will need to have a trial session to make sure they are happy here. We will monitor them continuously for changes in their behaviour to protect their welfare and wellbeing, the first trial session is free of charge.

For dogs who would like to return then refresher trial sessions are charged at the boarding/day rate if their last visit was more than 3 months before

  • If your fur baby is planning on day care, then he/she will need to experience a half day trial. Providing they have experienced a successful trial, he/she will then be offered a day/s with us.
  • If your fur baby wishes to come for a holiday whether it be one night or more then he/she will need to experience a trial sleepover to make sure that he/she is happy with us overnight.
  • The half day experience or trial sleepover experience will be carried out when there are no other fur babies booked in with us, this will give them the best chance to settle with us. Once they have completed a successful overnight trial, you will be able to book he/she in with us. 

All dogs must be spayed or neutered once they have reached maturity. We will not take female dogs in season. 

We will accept dogs that are fed some raw diets, please call to discuss further.